Season Changes



Around this time of year, seasons and Holidays change form one to another so fast.

Around October 26th everyone was getting ready for Halloween,carving pumpkins,decorating the house,organising parties and planning costumes.It was all everyone was talking about,but as soon at it became the 5th November all Halloween decorations were taken down all parties and costumes were forgotten about.Everything was shoved to the back of a cupboard or put in the loft never to be spoken about again until next year.

Then came bonfire night, out came the fireworks and sparklers,the toffee apples,candyfloss and black peas,the fairground rides for all ages.The colossal bonfire was lit, friends and family’s were thrown about until there heads were spinning and there legs like jelly. Everyone ooood and aarrrd as the fireworks exploded in the ever darkening sky.Once it was all over everyone went to bed and when they woke up the next day it was like it had never happened.

Now all everyone is talking about if CHRISTMAS!!!!!and if they are not talking about Christmas then they are like my dad and wont speak a word of it until December 1st.

But I love Christmas time, I love most holidays but Christmas has to be my favourite time of year everyone seems so much happier even if they say they don’t like Christmas on the 25th December everyone smiles and enjoys the day. I really don’t think that anyone should be sad or lonely on Christmas if I could have it my way I would invite everyone who was sad or lonely on Christmas and invite them to my house and we would all have Christmas dinner together.But the world is not like that I think that this would be impossible as much I want everyone to have an amazing Christmas this won’t happen and it genuinely make me so sad to think that there is going to be so many people on Christmas alone or sad or both.

I hope that you all had a spooky Halloween a safe bonfire night and I hope that all of you have a merry Christmas (even though it is a bit early).

Enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff.


Its the little thing’s in life

It’s always the little the that please us, but sometimes they go unnoticed.

have you ever been the person that moves to one side when the pavement isn’t big enough for two people? When the person you moved for doesn’t thank you or even smile it get you annoyed doesn’t it?

just little thing like that could spoil someone’s mood even if it is just for a second.

But if you are thanked or smiled at you feel good even though it is just a little thing it makes you feel good.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is appreciate the little things that people do because they make a difference even if that difference is tiny.

If anyone is reading this please go enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff.