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A few weeks ago I got told that I am odd, this did not come as a surprise to me because I’m am well known by my friends and family for being odd, wired and unconventional. I have always know that I am different and do not have the same mind set and many other people my age¬†but I was very confused when this person called me odd as their exact words were ‘what!, you read books voluntarily? that’s just odd’. Until this point I had thought that this was the most normal thing about me but apparently not.¬†I don’t understand how me reading books because I enjoy them is odd, is it not a good thing?

All throughout¬†school you are told that reading is a good thing and you should read as much as you can, however when I do read I get judged and classified as¬†a ‘nerd’. After I was told that I am odd for reading books I have felt self-conscious when reading books in public, looking at books in shops or even just talking about books with my fellow book loving friend (friend-singular I only have one other friend who also¬†likes to read books).I don’t think it is right to judge a person on what they like to do in their spare time whether that be reading, sports, art and many more. Everyone is different and it is wrong to put someone in a group depending on what there interests are.


Also to the people who are being classified don’t let it stand in you way of doing what you want because it is good to be different if everyone was the same life would be extremely boring!!!!!

I am sure that I am not the only one that has been judged from being different there are so many more examples on much bigger scales. I just thought that if at least one person reads this and changes the way they think or stops caring what other people think then I have done my job. Please feel free to tell me in the comments what your hobbies and interests are I would love to know.

Enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff!


Never enough time

I always find that there is never enough hours in the day to do the things we need to do. Life can be so stressful and especially at the moment as the exam period is about to start. All the way through school you are told to revise in suitable portions every day but, make sure that you have ‘chill time’. well I find that it is not as easy as this, there are so many things to do during a normal day when all that exam revision and work¬†is put on top of that as well then in can get so stressful it can sometimes lead to panic attacks, anxiety or depression (although I think this in more serious cases).¬†To hopefully ¬†help some of you I though it would be useful to give you some tips on how to control your time and what to do to relax.

  1. Make a revision timetable:  

This may sound obvious but not enough people do it ,you can find a blank one on the internet or your teacher may supply you with one if you are at school. Here is one that I found just by typing in to google images ‘revision ¬†timetable’:

Revision-Timetable-Template Using a revision timetable is a great way to manage your time and still give yourself time to do other things whether that be hobbies or other work. I always say I am going to use one but I never stick to it, however this year I have made it my new years resolution to use a revision timetable and stick to them as I know it will held me stay organised and revise properly.

2.Get some sleep

When people stress out they usually start to develop insomnia which is the inability to sleep (I think).this causes drowsiness during the day and also an irregular sleeping pattern, this can make it hard to concentrate on your daily tasks and also you are more prone to napping. You should aim to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep.¬†I¬†usually¬†go to bed at 10:00pm on a week day¬†and set an alarm for 6:30am,6:35am,6:40am,6:45am,6:50am,6:55am and one for 7:00am this is so I have half an hour to wake up and all the alarms between 6:00am and 7:00am to make sure I don’t fall back asleep. This may not work for you or you may be very good at getting out of bed and not need it.

3.Daily goals
Set yourself daily goals every morning or the night before so you have a clear checklist of what you need to do in the day.¬†I also find it helps I you give yourself a reward every time you complete a goal, nothing big just things like if you do the washing up you can watch 10 minuets of TV or eat a piece of cake and you can’t have the reward until you have finished the goal. This is good if you are like me and you have to finish something off once you have started it or it will get on your nerves until you finish it as you are more likely to complete your goals. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to relax as well also make your goals realistic for the day to help with this give each goal a time limit e.g.¬†30 minuets to¬†do the washing up.
4. Control your stress
Even if you do not suffer from panic attacks or anxiety it is still go to try and take control of you stress and try and decrease the amount of stress you put yourself under.¬†I find that I stress over things that don’t matter and I usually bottle it up until I end up having a panic attack. To try and stop this when I feel like I’m stressing I stop what I am doing no matter what it is and I just concentrate on my breathing I find it really¬† helps. For some people this may work some things that might are:
  • Meditation-try to schedule sessions of mediation into your day.
  • Exercise-I also find this helps as when exercising I am not thinking about the things that are making me stressed and it¬†also helps health wise which can boost self-confidence.
  • Keep positive -Try to not think negatively and keep a positive, realistic attitude.
  • Eat and drink healthy-Drink water in place of pop/fizzy drinks¬†and energy drinks and eat healthy food instead of junk food (this helps especially when revising as¬†some people¬†tend to snack).However some people don’t eat when revising which is not good as you will have low energy levels which makes it harder to concentrate. Eating and drinking healthier will make you feel more fresh and energised during the day making it easier to complete tasks.

I hope this helps you manage your time and lower your stress levels but I am no expert so if I got anything wrong I apologise and please correct me in the comments.

Enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff!