My book

I disappeared for a very, very, very long time but I’m back.
I didn’t notice that I have missed this until it just clicked in my head like someone flicked a switch and I logged on and started writing as soon as I could, I have definitely missed writing like this to strangers. I vanished for many reasons work, work and more work, family and I started writing a book.
Let me take you back to what I like to call my ‘epiphany day’.
I was sat on the couch with my mum watching some annoying yet addictive crime drama and a thought popped into my head and I just randomly remembered that in year 10 in high school I starting wring a very short story. Suddenly, I had this urge to write and I virtually flew up stair grabbed my laptop and started to type and that was the begging.
This may sound like a pointless story and you may be sat their thinking where is she going with this but trust me.
So, a few weeks passed and I stared to think (which is very rare!) how fun and exciting would this be to if someone else was doing it with me. This thought sprung to me firstly because I am in the process of reading fan girl (which is a great book and highly recommended) and two of the characters in it write their English essays together and it sound like fun. The second reason was that I feel like I would benefit from someone else’s opinions and thoughts.
The book is about ‘purple love’, this is ‘mania’ when the love you have for somebody is obsessive. A girl starts ‘college’ and meets this boy and you can see where it goes from there. Her obsession grows throughout the book and she gradually pushes away everyone around her until at the end she realises she is the purple love.
My question to you is, would you like to write my book with me? I am not too sure how we would do it but if you are interested please leave a comment.
Enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff!