Camping, is my favourite place to be; a place engulfed with fresh air, surrounded by endless nature and a sense of safety.
Walking along the pier, watching the sun graciously fall and the moon elegantly rise.
There is nothing I love more than being in in the countryside and by the sea with my family, it is the one place where I feel as if nothing can go wrong. From the age of 14 I have suffered with panic attacks, I don’t like to use the word suffered but how else do you describe having panic attacks it’s like a disease I cannot get rid of; it follows me around everywhere I go silently lurking in the background and when you don’t expect it, it springs on you and slowly drains you of your energy like a tiger attacking its pray. It is not something I like to talk about as I find it embarrassing because when people ask why I have them I have to tell them I don’t know (no one understands this and they think I am hiding something but most of the time I actually don’t know why It’s happening, it just does).To others it may look like I have it all under control as if it is a wild animal I have tamed, but I can feel the pressure build up in my stomach until I burst but I can’t show people that because then everyone asks me if I’m ok and brings me drinks; I know there trying to be nice but it just makes it worse. Some people think I am overreacting to get attention but trust me that is the last thing I want.
The only place I don’t feel the pressure and I almost become oblivious to my panic Is when we go camping.
Imagine this; comforted by the warm hug of the sun wrapping its arms around you, salty sea water smiles as it waves by, the welcoming smell of fresh fish and chips, crunchy sweet rock dancing on my taste buds and the delicate sound of laughter filling the air. All this, compact neatly into one little place.
I know, it’s almost too good to be true!
I am not suggesting that everything is perfect; there is still the constant worry that an overhead seagull may decide to do its business on your head or that the ice lolly stain won’t come out of your new white top.
It doesn’t have to be perfect; if it was it wouldn’t be real.
Where is your favourite place to be? Let me know in the comments and if you have panic attacks or anxiety don’t be scared face it head on.
Enjoy life and all the other stuff!


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