“Pull!” If she pulls anymore, my arm is going to fall off.
“STOP!” before she could stop I was flat on my back, lay in a brown, thick, bath of mud. She on the other hand, was collapsed in a heap on the ground holding the sleeve off my raincoat, waving it around in the air, as she laughed so loud I think she woke up people in Australia.
After many minuets of getting up, falling back down and laughing until we cried, we walked through the endless woods. Every now and again you could see flickers of sun creeping out from behind the trees that loomed above us.
She spontaneously started picking daisy’s.
“what are you doing?” I said as she rummaged through the grass.
“Don’t just gawp at me, help” so, I crouch down and began picking daisies, I have no Idea why but, why not? We continue picking daisies until we couldn’t carry anymore. The pockets of my illuminous yellow raincoat overflowed with little flowers; I watched her dashing around cradling the daisies in her skirt. Her chocolate brown hair trailed behind her as she lightly jogged towards me her curls bouncing around her head.
“so now what?” I said when she came to a stop, she looks at me like I’m a complete idiot, the sun glinting in her big, brown, mesmerising eyes. I follow her to a bench that has partly fallen apart but somehow can still hold both of us without collapsing.
We sit for hours threading daises together.
As she finishes her last chain, she looks up at me and flashes me a grin that stretches right across her face, from ear to ear.
I could not be happier.

I hope you enjoyed my little short story. I will be posting more of these throughout the year, please tell me what you think.

Enjoy life and make the most of all the other stuff!

P.S: Feel free to use this but I would like to be given credit if it is used. This also applies for any more stories I post.




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