Photography with a story


This picture was taken through pure boredom, but its pretty good don’t you think?

Well anyway I was thinking (as you do on a general day) why did I resort to photography when I was bored?.I love photography but I don’t usually fill my time by taking photos, when I take photos its normally for some sort of project or because I have seen something that has to be captured. Now thinking back there has been so many opportunity’s where I could of taken a photo to capture the memory this like Christmas dinner or just watching doctor who (this might sound like a wired one but me and my family rarely ever sit down in the same room and talk, eat together or even just watch TV and when we watch doctor who we all sit down together and its really nice). At the time I don’t think about taking a picture to capture moments like these (now I have Leona Lewis stuck In my head!) I guess its because memory’s like this don’t leave you. I know all this sound sooooooo cheesy but its true if things like this mean a lot to you, you don’t forget them and you unknowingly take a mental photo of the moment that you will remember and look back on.

I tend to over think things and this is what I am doing now. But sometimes its good to over think otherwise we would never find out anything if we just said things are as they are just because that’s how it is. Life is full of un answered questions and we would never find the answers if we didn’t look for them.

Please if you are reading this tell me the wired and wonderful things that you do when you are bored, I would love to know.

Enjoy life and make the most of all the other things.